Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Specialty Dust Collector and Acrylic Odors Eliminator :: MedEVAC MultiPure

MedEVAC MultiPure

Ideal for denturists.
Captures both dust and odor at the source.


· Medical grade HEPA and high capacity odor filter
· High-speed DOUBLE turbine for efficient debris removal
· Ultra quiet, 50dBA (at high speed, measured at 6ft)
· Variable speed control
· Casters provide for mobility
· Remote hand-switch included
· ASV (Auto-Start Valve) Ready
· Ideal for 2-station use, includes “T” and two 6' hoses

Benefits of a proven design

· Captures and holds high capacity debris
· Eliminates odor generated from:
· pouring/mixing acrylics,
· ‘salt & pepper’ or ‘sprinkle’ techniques,
· repairs & relining dentures
Accessories for Specialty Dust Collectors
and Acrylic Odors Eliminators

Accessories and Replacement Parts:

· Foot-Pedal (AA175)
· Single Station Hand Switch (AA375)
· Filter Bags, 2 per pack (AG208-2)
· HEPA Filter (F074)
· Odor Filter (NC-GPC)

Download Brochure:
MedEVAC MultiPure Dental Dust Collector And Acrylic Odor Eliminator