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Cad/Cam Dental Dust Collectors for Milling Machines

Cad/Cam Dental Dust Collectors for Milling Machines


Cad/Cam Dental Dust Collectors


  • OnLine Filter Cleaning Function*. Operate the mill overnight while the filters clean themselves
  • HEPA Filter. 99.97% efficiency on submicron particles (zirconium dust)
  • AutoFlow. Set to lowest acceptable speed, motors automatically speed up to overcome pressure increase
  • Temporary ON. Clean your mill while iVAC is in standby mode
  • Hybrid INFINITY motors
  • Separate access doors*. Allow you to remove debris without having to access filter section
  • Silent Operation. Quietest units on the market (50-55dbA)
* iVAC units only


JetStream CadCam

iVAC CadCam, iVAC TWIN CadCam, JetStream CadCam
JHL-5293 (120V) · JHL-5293-25 (230V)
For light intermittent milling and general purpose use
Equipped with large filter bag
Economical, for first time lower volume users

iVAC CadCam

iVL-311-16 (120V) · iVL-311-25 (230V)
For medium milling and general purpose use
Fully automatic filter cleaning


iVTL-311-16 (120V) · iVTL-311-25 (230V)
For heavy duty/continuous milling and general purpose use (larger debris storage chamber)
Fully automatic filter cleaning

Since every milling machine is different, all standard "CadCam" models include a specific cable and air hose which allows for a seamless, automatic and user-friendly operation with your milling machine.
At time of order, please indicate manufacturer of milling machine used, we will supply specific Auto Start-Stop cable/hose AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Our Cad/Cam Dental Dust Collectors support the following milling machines:

CadBlu · Imes · Jensen · VHF · Roland DWX-4 · Roland DWX50 · ZirkonZahn · LAVA (3M ESPE) · Weiland · Yenadent
When placing order, please indicate make and model of your milling machine.

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