Friday, January 29, 2016

SmartVAC Plus Series · Multipurpose HEPA Dust Collectors for Workbench Applications

SmartVAC Plus Series · Multipurpose HEPA Dust Collectors for Workbench Applications

Intelligent, Self-Cleaning, Fully Automatic, Bagless

Ideal for high dust load applications: model and die, sandblasters, grinders, dry model trimmers


SmartVAC Plus · HEPA Dust Collectors

  • Gypsum, die-stone, acrylics, plaster and die trimming
  • Aluminum oxide, quartz, glass beads, sand, and all micro-abrasive material
  • Porcelain and zirconia



  • Fully automatic, self-activating Filter Cleaning System (FCS) with “No-Touch” Filter Cleaning
  • True HEPA Filter, 99.97% efficiency on sub-micron particles
  • Hybrid INFINITY motors provide prolonged motor life
  • Built-in extra-large collector
  • Silent operation, quietest units on the market (50-55dbA)
  • Separate access doors allow debris removal without having to access filter section
  • Remote Switch (AA375) included
Accessories for SmartVAC Plus HEPA Dust Collector




  • LED SplashGuard (AA083-2.5S)
  • LED Airport (AA102)
  • LED Air Zone (AA260)
  • Fishmouth (H151)
  • Deluxe Mobile Arm (AA009)
  • Cyclone Collector (AA249)
  • Foot Pedal (AA175)
  • Remote Switch (AA375)
  • 1-2 Station CutOff (AA250)

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

JetStream · Compact Dust Extractors / Collectors

JetStream Series · Compact Dust Extractors

JetStream · Compact Dust Extractors / Collectors


Benefits of a proven design 

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Whisper quiet operation (built-in silencer)
  • Efficient filtration system including high-volume filter bags and medical-grade HEPA filter
  • Variable speed, high power blower
  • Quick access to filter and motor compartments


  • JetStream Basic (JS-0200-D1): On-Off only, no speed control, 6-foot hose     
  • JetStream Standard (JS-1200): Variable speed control, “T” connector and two 4-foot hoses          
  • JetStream mc² (JS-5222-D1S): Variable speed control, mc² automatic hand-piece start, “T” connector and two 6-foot hoses
Accessories for Dust Collectors




  • LED SplashGuard (AA083-2.5S)
  • LED AirZone (AA260)
  • Flex-Capture Arm with table support (AA325)
  • AirBox Mini (AA310)
  • Remote foot-pedal (AA114)
  • Single station hand remote (AA011)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Monomer Odor Elimination · Advanced Monomer Extraction and Containment Solutions

Monomer Odor Elimination

Monomer Odor Elimination · Advanced Monomer Extraction and Containment Solutions

Despite a low acute toxicity, prolonged exposure to high concentrations of methyl methacrylate (MMA) can cause irritation of the skin, eye, and the upper respiratory tract, chest tightness, dyspnea, coughing, and wheezing.

Designed to prevent any potential health issues associate with the exposure to methyl methacrylate
(MMA), our units offer effective air filtration solutions to a wide array of applications.

Compact and affordable, our units rely on proven multi-stage filtration systems and are powered by
high-efficiency motorized impellers delivering high airflows and whisper quiet operation.

With a dedicated team of air quality experts, we offer personalized solutions for your specific IAQ challenges.

DCS · Desktop Containment System

DCS · Desktop Containment System

· 100% Efficient. Contains and captures ALL monomer odors/fumes
· Bench-top design
· LED Illumination
· 2 Models available. Same filtration power, 2 containment cabinet sizes
· DCS-GE-M1 Smaller containment cabinet; DCS-GE-M2 Larger Containment Cabinet

MonoPure · Monomer Eliminator

MonoPure · with LED ClearView or Bench Arm

· Small footprint. Effective containment for restricted spaces
· Under-the-counter unit
· 2 configurations available: MP-103 (includes Bench Arm) and MP-104 (includes LED ClearView)
· Optional slide valves available for 1-unit/2-station configuration

medEVAC Mini
Portable Dust & Odor Eliminator



medEVAC Mini · Portable Dust & Odor Extractor

· Ultra-compact unit, ideal for severely restricted spaces
· Whisper quiet operation
· Optional accessories: LED SplashGuard (# AA083-2.5S) and LED AirZone (# AA260)
· medEVAC Mini, MEm-117LRD, includes the “T” and two 6’ hoses